About Kidsotic

Kidsotic started in February 2019 with the original intent of providing quality pre-owned children books to the Egyptian market at affordable prices. However, obtaining books at an acceptable condition with good quantities soon proved to be a very hard task. Eventually, we decided to shift focus entirely on new books instead, and imported our first batch of books in May'19. Since then, we've been working with many of the UK's leading publishers to make their publications available to the Egyptian local market.

Up until June 2020, Kidsotic's sole selling outlets were through social media pages (Instagram mainly). However, in July 2020 we launched Kidsotic.com, in hopes that it would provide a more convenient & user-friendly experience to our customers.

We pride ourselves in that all the titles we carry are very carefully hand-picked. We guarantee that any book purchased from Kidsotic will provide great value to your young ones. We constantly listen to our customers' feedback & needs, and strive to always exceed their expectations.

What's Behind the Name?!

If you haven't already guessed, Kidsotic is intended to be a a word-play on the words "Kids" & "Exotic" Our goal is that Kidsotic would always be a place that brings joy & excitement to kids and parents alike.
The slogan of "Don't Grow Up" is more intended to the parents, that constantly delight us with feedback on how much they enjoy our reads.